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5254 Program leadersand instructors in recreation, sport and fitness





Programleaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness lead and instructgroups and individuals in recreational, sports, fitness or athletic programs.They are employed by community centres, sports and fitness clubs, outdoorcentres, resorts, recreational facilities, health care facilities, retirementhomes, correctional institutions, government departments, private businesses,tourism associations and similar establishments.


















Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness perform someor all of the following duties:

Planand carry out recreational, athletic, fitness and sports activities

Assemblesupplies and sports and game equipment

Demonstrateand instruct athletic, fitness or sports activities and techniques

Instructgroups and individuals in arts, crafts and similar activities and lead groupsand individuals in recreational or leisure programs

Attendto clients with special needs

Providelifestyle awareness information

Conducttherapeutic recreational or athletic activities

Monitorrecreational, sports or fitness activities to ensure safety and provideemergency or first aid assistance when required

Enforcesafety rules and regulations

Assistwith co-ordination of special events

Scheduleactivities, keep logs, maintain records and prepare reports

Maytrain and supervise staff

Maymaintain and repair sports equipment.



活动的领导者 - 老年人——activities leader – seniors

健美操指导员——aerobics instructor

手工艺品教练——arts and crafts instructor

艺术和手工艺的领导者——arts and crafts leader

艺术和手工艺的领导者 - 体育和娱乐——arts and crafts leader – sports and recreation

艺术和休闲的领导者——arts and leisure leader

艺术和娱乐的领导者——arts and recreation leader

田径教练——athletics instructor

海滩救生员——beach lifeguard

保龄球教练——bowling instructor

桥教练——bridge instructor

桥老师——bridge teacher

健美操指导员——callisthenics instructor

营协调员——camp co-ordinator

营地辅导员——camp counsellor

阵营领袖——camp leader

认证的健身apraiser——certified fitness apraiser

认证的私人教练——certified personal trainer

国际象棋教练——chess instructor

统筹,阵营 - 运动与休闲——co-ordinator, camp – sports and leisure

统筹,池 - 娱乐——co-ordinator, pool – recreation

辅导员,营——counsellor, camp

辅导员,天派 - 娱乐——counsellor, day camp – recreation

文化活动的领导者——cultural activities leader

日营辅导员 - 娱乐——day camp counsellor – recreation

天派领袖——day camp leader

马术教练——dressage instructor

击剑教练——fencing instructor

钓鱼研讨会的领导者——fishing seminar leader

健身鉴定——fitness appraiser

健身教练——fitness instructor

健身领袖——fitness leader

健身领导者 - 有氧健身——fitness leader – aerobic fitness

健身领导者 - 水产健身——fitness leader – aquatic fitness

健身领导者 - 为适应老年人——fitness leader – fitness for older adults

健身领导者 - 力量和体能——fitness leader – strength and conditioning

健身导师——fitness supervisor

高尔夫教练——golf instructor

体操教练——gymnastics instructor

体操老师——gymnastics teacher

骑马教练——horseback riding instructor

滑冰教练——ice-skating instructor

轮滑教练——inline skating instructor

教练,健美操——instructor, aerobics

指导员,工艺品——instructor, arts and crafts

教练,田径——instructor, athletics

指导员,保龄球——instructor, bowling

指导员,桥梁——instructor, bridge

教练,健美操——instructor, callisthenics

指导员,盛装舞步——instructor, dressage

指导员,击剑——instructor, fencing

教练,健身——instructor, fitness

教练,高尔夫——instructor, golf

教练,体操——instructor, gymnastics

教练,骑马——instructor, horseback riding

教练,溜冰——instructor, ice-skating

教练,柔道——instructor, judo

教练,柔术——instructor, jujitsu

教练,空手道——instructor, karate

教练,武术——instructor, martial arts

教练,体能训练——instructor, physical training

指导员,娱乐——instructor, recreation

教练,骑马——instructor, riding

指导员,滑旱冰——instructor, rollerblading

教练,轮滑——instructor, roller-skating

教练,滑雪——instructor, ski

指导员,滑雪 - 体育和娱乐——instructor, ski – sports and recreation

指导员,体育——instructor, sports

教练,游泳 - 娱乐——instructor, swimming – recreation

教练,游泳 - 体育——instructor, swimming – sports

教练,太极——instructor, tai-chi

教练,网球 - 娱乐——instructor, tennis – recreation

教练,网球 - 体育——instructor, tennis – sports

教练,田径——instructor, track and field

教练,举重——instructor, weightlifting

教练,瑜伽——instructor, yoga

柔道教练——judo instructor

柔术教练——jujitsu instructor

空手道教练——karate instructor

休闲项目负责人——leisure program leader

生活充实统筹 - 娱乐和健身——life enrichment co-ordinator – recreation and fitness


救生员,沙滩——lifeguard, beach

救生员,游泳池——lifeguard, pool

武术教练——martial arts instructor

大师,骑马——master, riding

巡逻,滑雪——patroller, ski

私人教练——personal trainer

体能训练——physical training instructor

体能训练的领导者——physical training leader

普拉提教练——pilates instructor

操场上的领导者——playground leader

游乐场工人——playground worker

游泳池统筹 - 娱乐——pool co-ordinator – recreation

泳池救生员——pool lifeguard(新新源移民)

专业高尔夫教练——professional golf instructor

专业教练,高尔夫——professional instructor, golf

专业教练,网球——professional instructor, tennis

专业网球教练——professional tennis instructor

娱乐教练——recreation instructor

娱乐领袖——recreation leader

娱乐方案的领导者——recreation program leader

娱乐技术员——recreation technician

骑马教练——riding instructor

骑马高手——riding master

轮滑教练——rollerblading instructor

轮滑教练——roller-skating instructor

搜救船员 - 体育和娱乐——search and rescue crew member – sports and recreation

滑板教练——skateboarding instructor

滑冰教练,冰——skating instructor, ice

滑雪教练——ski instructor

滑雪教练 - 体育和娱乐——ski instructor – sports and recreation

滑雪巡逻——ski patrol

滑雪巡逻——ski patroller

滑雪教练——snowboarding instructor

运动休闲领袖——sports and leisure leader

体育和娱乐的领导者——sports and recreation leader

体育指导员——sports instructor

运动的领导者——sports leader

主管,健身——supervisor, fitness

游泳教练 - 娱乐——swimming instructor – recreation

游泳教练 - 体育——swimming instructor – sports

太极教练——tai-chi instructor

老师,桥梁——teacher, bridge(新新源移民)

老师,体操——teacher, gymnastics

网球教练 - 娱乐——tennis instructor – recreation

网球教练 - 体育——tennis instructor – sports

田径教练——track and field instructor

度假营地辅导员——vacation camp counsellor

度假营的领导者——vacation camp leader

举重教练——weightlifting instructor

帆板教练——windsurfing instructor

瑜伽教练——yoga instructor



Completionof secondary school is usually required.

Completionof a college program in recreation or physical education
extensive experience in a specific recreational or sports program activity isusually required.

Certificationis usually required in a specific area of recreational, sports or fitnessactivity, such as ski instructor or personal trainer, or in first aid oremergency care.

Demonstratedability in a particular recreational, sports or fitness discipline is required.

Fitnessappraiser certification may be required for fitness appraisers.



Otherinstructors (4216)

Recreationand sports supervisors (in 4167Recreation, sports and fitness policy researchers, consultants and programofficers )

Recreation,sports and fitness program and service directors (0513)

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