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3212 Medicallaboratory technicians and pathologists' assistants



Medicallaboratory technicians conduct routine medical laboratory tests and set up,clean and maintain medical laboratory equipment. They are employed in medicallaboratories in hospitals, clinics, research facilities, post-secondaryeducational institutions and government research laboratories. Pathologists'assistants assist at autopsies and examinations of surgical specimens orperform autopsies under a pathologist's supervision. They are usually employedin hospitals and universities.













--对器官和标本进行解剖、检查、称重和拍照,手机组织样品,用于化学分析,并 记录成果;(新新源移民)






Medicallaboratory technicians perform some or all of the following duties:

Collectblood, tissue and other samples from patients

Logpatient samples and prepare them for testing

Setup medical laboratory equipment

Conductroutine laboratory tests and sample analyses

Performquality assurance of testing techniques

Cleanand maintain medical laboratory and medical laboratory equipment.

Pathologists' assistants perform some or all of the following duties:

Preparefor autopsies by obtaining patients' medical records and arranging forradiographic examinations

Assistwith or perform autopsies and surgical specimen examinations underpathologists' supervision

Dissect,examine, weigh and photograph organs and specimens, collect tissue samples forchemical analysis and record findings

Discardspecimens according to established safety procedures

Cleanand maintain instruments, equipment and supplies

Mayprepare bodies for release to funeral homes following completion of autopsies

Maysupervise and train junior resident pathologists and morgue attendants.



助手,医学实验室–––aide, medical laboratory

助理,医学实验室–––assistant, medical laboratory(新新源移民)

助理,病理学–––assistant, pathology

生化技术员 - 医学实验室–––biochemical technician – medical laboratory

生物技术员 - 医学实验室–––biological technician – medical laboratory

血库技师–––blood bank technician(新新源移民)

癌症研究技术员–––cancer research technician

临床实验室技术员–––clinical laboratory technician

实验室和X射线技术人员–––combined laboratory and x-raytechnician

社区卫生技术人员 - 医学实验室–––community health technician – medical laboratory

细胞学技师–––cytology technician(新新源移民)

流行病学工作者 - 医学实验室–––epidemiology worker – medical laboratory

助手,医学实验室–––helper, medical laboratory

血液学技师 - 医学实验室–––hematology technician – medical laboratory

组织学技师–––histology technician

实验室助理 - 医疗–––laboratory assistant – medical

实验室技术员 - 医疗–––laboratory technician – medical

医学实验室助手–––medical laboratory aide

医学实验室助理–––medical laboratory assistant

医学实验室助手–––medical laboratory helper(新新源移民)

医学实验室技术助理–––medical laboratory technical assistant

医学实验室技术员–––medical laboratory technician

太平间护理主管–––morgue attendant supervisor

病理学助理–––pathology assistant


放血助手–––phlebotomy aide

肾技师–––renal technician(新新源移民)

技术助理 - 医学实验室–––technical assistant – medical laboratory

技术助理 - 病理学–––technical assistant – pathology

技术人员,血库–––technician, blood bank



Medicallaboratory technicians/assistants require completion of a college certificate programin medical laboratory science.

Certificationby the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science may be required formedical laboratory technicians/assistants.

Combinedlaboratory and X-ray technicians require completion of a combined laboratory X-raytechnology program.

Pathologists'assistants require some post-secondary courses or a university degree in lifesciences and Specialized on-the-job training.



Biological technicians in non-medical laboratories (in 2221 Biological technologists and technicians)

Chemical technicians in non-medical laboratories (in 2211 Chemical technologists and technicians)

Medical laboratory technologists (3211)

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